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Tired of typical web editing?

Have I got a Firefox add-on for you! You can use your favorite editor any time you’re presented with a (typically small, hard to use) edit box on a web page. Just install It’s All Text! in Firefox and a small edit button will appear whenever your cursor is within the edit box.


Before you use the button, you need to indicate your editor. To do this, right click on the edit button and select Preferences…


In the resulting dialog, choose Browse and select your browser program of choice. In my case, I use Notepad++ (highly recommended).


That’s it! We’re all set to use the plugin. When you see the edit button, merely select it and the text (if any) in the edit box will be sent to your editor!


Enter your text as desired.


and save it in your editor as often as you like (in this case via Ctrl-S). The edit box in the browser will turn yellow temporarily to tell you the changes have been made!


That’s it! Much nicer than these teeny-tiny edit boxes! Enjoy.


May 11, 2007 Posted by | Firefox, Mozilla, Tools | Leave a comment