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Review of WireframeSketcher

I’m a big Eclipse supporter.  It is the de facto leading Java development environment, though impartial statistics are difficult to find.  If you are an Eclipse fan and want a well-integrated plugin to create screen mockups, look no farther than WireframeSketcher.

WireframeSketcher has a Sketching perspective and adds over 30 UI “components” in its palette:

Eclipse sketching perspective

Eclipse sketching perspective

You basically have two primary parts: a Screen and a Storyboard.  A screen is as shown above.  A storyboard is a sequence of screens:

Storyboard sequence of screens

Storyboard sequence of screens

You can then run a Presentation of your sequence in full-screen mode:



You can also save a screen to the clipboard or as a .png file.


  • Great integration with Eclipse.
  • Lots of UI parts to work with.
  • Storyboard and image output.
  • Very fast to create a mockup.


  • Not much documentation (though Peter is working on more).

Net: If you need to create mockups and you use Eclipse, this is a no brainer – get WireframeSketcher!


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