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The world off technology is moving faster and faster all the time. Ajax, Web 2.0, portlets, SOA, C#, JMS, WMQ, MyEclipse, del.icio.us, Launchy, Hyperwords, Notepad++, Firefox, Thunderbird, Lightning, IrfanView, PDFCreator, 7-zip, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, … The list of topics goes on and on.

I created this blog as a place to share tips and tricks and useful information, so we can all collaborate to help each other out. So, participate at will – comments, suggested topics, questions are all welcome.



  1. Hi Mark: I’m Tom Archer with the Microsoft MVP team. You’ve been nominated for an MVP award and I’d like to talk with you. Could you email me at tom.archer@microsoft.com when you get a chance?


    Comment by Tom Archer | May 18, 2008 | Reply

    • Thanks Tom – sorry to be slow on the uptake. I don’t know how I missed your comment. I’ve emailed you separately – let me know what’s up. Thanks again. Mark

      Comment by Mark Lorenz | February 10, 2009 | Reply

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